SEO Tips for 2020

June 25, 2020

One of the most valuable strategies in digital marketing is search engine optimization. These days, however, SEO is changing rapidly, meaning that companies have to work hard to keep up. In this article, we’re going to provide you with some top tips for maximizing your optimization strategy for a new era.

Step One: Understand Your Audience

Modern consumers are much savvier today than in decades past, which means that marketing and sales copy has to be more authentic. Gone are the days of producing generic content that can appeal to as many people as possible. Instead, you have to find a niche demographic and cater to that.

With SEO, understanding your audience goes beyond knowing preferences and dislikes. You also have to understand how your target customer searches for your product. With the prevalence of smart devices, more and more people are using digital assistants like Siri or Alexa. Are your keywords optimized for that kind of search?

You have to get into the mindset of your target demographic to determine what kind of searches they’ll perform. From there, you can build better keywords and optimization strategies.

Step Two: Understand Your Platforms

There was a time when the term “search engine” meant typing a query into Google. However, there are many different search engines in use today, so you have to optimize for them all. These days, Amazon and YouTube can be considered search engines. Not only that, but these platforms tie into others, which can create problems if you’re not present on all of them.

For example, if a user asks Alexa for a product recommendation, do you think she will send that person to a non-Amazon page? Overall, if you’re only optimizing for Google, you’re not thinking broadly enough. Look at all of the different search engines available and customize your marketing materials for each one.

Step Three: Optimize Your Landing Pages

Finding your business is just the first step. Once a user clicks on your site link, will he or she stay on or bounce off immediately? It’s not enough to show up in searches; you have to provide valuable content for your visitors.

Here are a few tips for optimizing your landing pages.

  • Focus on Speed – Delays of even a few seconds can cause users to click away. Use low-resolution images and videos and invest in a high-quality hosting service.
  • Use Heat Maps to Capture Attention – See where your visitors are looking the most and put the best content in those areas. The longer a user has to search for information, the more likely he or she will leave.
  • Create Compelling Calls to Action – What’s the purpose of your landing page? Is it to subscribe to a mailing list? Buy a product? Download a whitepaper? Whatever your goal, make sure that users know what it is immediately. Also, incentivize them to follow through. For example, a new customer may get a discount or free shipping by signing up for a mailing list.
  • Build a Mobile-Friendly Site – More customers are shopping on mobile devices, so you have to adapt to their needs. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, you’ll lose a lot of business.

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