Make the most out of social media

Improving brand awareness, connecting with millions of potential customers, and collaborating with top influencers – there is a lot that can happen on social media if you’re willing to invest in it.

That said, all the social media platforms today are super-competitive, with leading brands fighting over users’ attention. Therefore, it is highly crucial for you to step up your game and take strategic steps to make the most out of social media networks.

There are various aspects to social media marketing. Amongst them are competitor research, audience research, hashtags, content formats, video marketing, influencer marketing, brand management, social PPC, reporting, and analytics – naming a few. You need professionals with hands-on experience in leading social media networks to win the social media game

Social Strategy

Creating a powerful social media strategy is half the battle won. You need a team of seasoned social media strategists on your side to create a winning social media strategy that drives sales for your business. This is where we come in.

We, at Ronkot, have years of experience in creating successful social media campaigns for small businesses just like yours. We start right from scratch – understanding your business and buyer personas to come with a fail-proof social media strategy.

What You’ll Get:

  • Brand analysis involving thorough research of your brand’s identity, voice, values, and business goals.
  • Audience research to understand the needs of your target customers.
  • Social media audit to analyze the current state of your social presence and guidelines on how to tread forward to create a strong social presence.

Social Media Creatives and Copywriting

Social media is vastly a visual space where you need stunning visuals to stop your users from scrolling past your content. Be it images, carousels, short videos, longer videos, or any other form of visuals – social media creatives need to be catchy, compelling and speak directly to your target audience.

Copywriting is also a huge part of winning on social media. If you’re not able to convince your audience, no use wasting your efforts on social media. Fortunately, we can help you on both these fronts. Ronkot’s graphic designers and expert copywriters are seasoned in collaborating on social media creatives.

What You’ll Get:

  • Social media creatives that stand out from the usual, grab users’ attention while screaming your brand’s identity.
  • Expert copywriting to implement social selling to perfectly complement your stunning social media creatives.
  • High-quality, value-packed social media presence that not only drives traffic but also drives more sales.

Influencer Marketing

Do you really wish to step up your social media game? Then you must definitely give influencer marketing a go. Influencers, be it celebrities or micro-influencers, have the power to persuade a large set of users to make buying decisions in your favor. All you have to do is to find the right influencers and collaborate with them.

At Ronkot, we’ll help you find the right influencers, strategize and collaborate with them to create winning influencer marketing campaigns. More brand awareness, more website traffic, and a massive improvement in ROI – you can expect some amazing results.

What You’ll Get:

  • A list of top influencers who resonate with your brand, have shared audiences, and fit your budget.
  • Creative planning and strategy to come up with creative, compelling influencer content.
  • A strong community of influencers who you can rely on to spread your message and win over new customers for your brand.

Community Management

A lack of connection can be a deal-breaker for many social media users which is why a huge social media following doesn’t always guarantee conversions. You can tackle this through social media community management.

With frequent follower engagement and trust-building, you can build a strong community of social media followers who will most likely convert into loyal customers. Our community managers will engage with your audience, build trustworthy relationships, and drive more sales for your business.

What You’ll Get:

  • A loyal community of social media followers who will drive sales for your business
  • Constant social media engagement leading to better reach and visibility.
  • Positive online reputation helping you influence numerous potential customers to make buying decisions in your favor.

Why should you trust Ronkot for your social media marketing needs

There are countless agencies offering social media marketing services. So why Ronkot? It’s simple

Will help you stay on top of social media trends and create content that is most likely to go viral.
Show consistent, tangible results through frequent analytics and reporting.
Are a small agency that will work closely with you to ensure that you consistently hit your business goals.
Are a creative bunch who help you build a unique, solid social media presence.

Our Happy Clients

Ronkot Design, LLC is an innovative marketing team that will help grow your company with their unique design implementations, forward thinking and knowledge in the digital world of marketing. Ronak Kothari, their Creative Director, was professional, highly attentive and always eager to please. If you want a fresh new look and quality results, I highly recommend the Ronkot Design team.

Heather O'Brien

Our website was 110% customized to our organization. I believe this is what makes Ronkot Designs so different and unique. There are many companies that can build a beautiful website, but it has to function for your business and your customers or you will end up on the Groundhog’s Day cycle like we have experienced. If you are looking to break the cycle, look no further than Ronkot Designs.

Amy Powell
Metroport Meals On Wheels

Ronkot Design can handle any of your graphics needs.  They put together our website, printed materials and business cards.  After meeting with their team,  I will not work with anyone else.  Good Job Guys!

Frankie Morris
Bone Solutions

It has been a pleasure to work with Ronak and his team.  They have exceeded our expectations every time, from delivering projects before promised to understanding the message we want to convey.  We will continue to use Ronkot Design for all of our marketing needs.

Colleen Robichaux

The US India Chamber of Commerce DFW highly recommends Ronkot Design.  We have been extremely satisfied with the services that they have provided to the Chamber for several of our events including poster, flyer and brochure designs. The RonKot Design team is able to understand the needs and requirements of every individual project and deliver it in a very timely manner.  We are expanding our use of their services.

US INDIA Chamber of Commerce

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