YouTube And Your Business

April 9, 2020

Covid-19 has taken the world by storm. Many families are doing their best to manage becoming a homeschool teacher, a cafeteria and clean-up crew worker, a mentor, a playdate, an IT support and tech professional overnight.

Businesses, people, parents, caregivers, and kids are all learning to embrace the chaos of today and having to figure out how to make it work. The online space has seen significant growth over the years. Almost everyone, especially now, is using technology and the internet to communicate with others. Online presence is reaching new heights, which means there is a significant amount of opportunity for businesses to grow and scale. One of the biggest opportunities within the digital space is YouTube.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is an online platform that currently has over 2 billion subscribers and is owned by Google. If you want to see some incredible information that will reinforce how big this opportunity continues to be, check out some of the stats provided by Omnicore.

YouTube allows subscribers to upload video content and share it for the world to see. You can create channels, subscribe to other users’ channels and more. YouTube is not just for adults either, for those who do not want to worry about content settings and permissions, YouTube Kids does all the work for you.

Why is YouTube Important?

Digital channels have not always been the go-to for businesses. But, recent years have proven otherwise. Today, consumers want options, they need to not only be able to look, touch and feel, but they also want to experience the benefits when and where they want. Brick and mortar stores are great, but digital is here to stay. To be successful, you have to go where your consumers are without being intrusive or pushy with the products and/or services your business offers.

Content is Key

Content is crucial to a business’s success on YouTube. Consumers want humor, they want the truth, and they want relevant and recent information to keep their interest and continue to increase their knowledge.

Using a platform like YouTube allows you the freedom and flexibility to get creative, think outside the box and get back to having fun.

Authenticity drives interests, likes, shares and sales. The ability to engage consumers with an emotional hook through video content will set you apart from others.

Learning how to work with YouTube will only improve the success of your business. For more information about how YouTube can propel your business, contact us today at

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