Gaining Loyal Customers Through Effective Survey Strategies

April 3, 2020

“One customer well taken care of could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising.” – Jim Rohn

For years, customers thought of their favorite stores as an extension of themselves. They felt understood and valued. This same customer loyalty can be nurtured through online marketing strategies. Find out why online surveys are effective digital tools, where they should be placed and how to use results to improve customer experience and loyalty.

Why Should You Create Digital Surveys?

You want to make sure that customers know who you are and that they will come back. Surveys cause customers to become engaged, which will increase the likelihood that you will be remembered. Pausing to give a reflection about your brand will provide the feeling of connection. Customers tend to offer honest feedback more than they would face-to-face.

E-surveys allow you to understand the customer’s behavior, habits and needs.

Where Should You Place Your Digital Surveys?

Surveys should be available in various places and formats within the customers’ experience. Provide a separate, designated survey for those who consciously desire to give feedback. Offer this opportunity in multiple locations: in follow-up emails, on social media sites and in a prominent, easy-to-use format on the website itself.

Surveys can also be integrated naturally into the visit. Design your site to greet visitors on the opening page, asking what they need. Provide leading questions throughout the purchasing experience. You may also design one or two pop-up questions if a visitor exits without buying. This will provide invaluable information to increase future sales.

How Can Surveys Be Used to Create Loyal Customers?

Surveys should create a sense that customers are being heard as unique individuals. They will communicate concern and care. Keep questions short and concise to show respect for the customers’ time.

You will want to focus on the following areas:

  • Why they are visiting your site.
  • If they like what they see.
  • How they would rate their experience.
  • If they would recommend your business to others.

Be sure respond to the feedback that you receive. Always send a follow-up communication of appreciation. You might even consider rewarding those who answer surveys with a special offer on their next purchase.

Finally, implement the feedback that you receive. Find a key complaint or suggestion and work on it first to gain the maximum benefit from your survey. Businesses have always thrived on building a strong, loyal customer base. Use the advantages of digital marketing to enhance communication between you and your customers.

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