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Think about massive brands such as Apple, Tesla, or Nike; what do you think makes them unique? Of course, their products and their success stories make them stand out. But, their unique brand identity also plays a significant role in how people perceive these brands.

In this ultra-competitive world where every brand has almost the same things to offer, having a unique brand identity and design is a must. Just like Apple has its unique logo, color palette, product packaging, website graphics, etc.

Your brand identity represents everything your brand has to offer, and you also need the design to complement your brand identity. In fact, design is the foundation of your brand identity. This includes your design assets such as logo, website design, social media creatives, brochures, business cards, product packaging, and similar more.

If you’re clueless about developing your unique brand identity or think that it’s about time that you change things up at your end, then we are here to help. At Ronkot, we have graphic design and brand identity experts who have worked with numerous brands across verticals to come up with a brand identity that best suits them.

Brand Identity Strategy and Development

Many small businesses make the mistake of thinking that a logo constitutes your entire brand identity, which is far from the truth.

Did you know that brand identity and design elements such as your brand voice, logo, color palette, website graphics, etc., psychologically register in the minds of your target audience? So, when they come across your brand next time, they will start associating the identity with your brand. This can be revolutionary in drawing attention to your business and converting prospects into customers.

At Ronkot, we will start by understanding your brand’s mission, values, story, positioning, and voice to come up with a consistent brand identity. We’ll map out a strategy that will be the baseline for all your brand’s design assets.

Once we land upon a perfect strategy, our graphic design team will take up the process of designing all your assets based on the strategy that we developed.

What You’ll Get:

  • A detailed brand identity strategy that will speak true to your brand’s story, core offering, and values – something that your target audience will be able to easily engage and associate with.
  • Development of brand design elements such as color palette, typography, and shapes.
  • Design of your brand identity – logo, website design, business cards, brochures, email design, product packaging, collaterals, and sales materials.

Brand Logo Creation

Your logo is like the face of your brand – something that makes your business memorable and majorly contributes to people’s first impression of your brand. Investing in your brand logo design is a first crucial step to expressing your brand’s identity.

So, whether you are a new business and want your first brand logo designed, or you are not happy with your existing one, we are here to help. Our branding experts will understand your brand’s story and your goals/mission to come up with a stunning logo that clearly communicates what your brand stands for.

What You’ll Get:

  • Thorough research about your brand to ensure that your logo clearly communicates who you are and what value you can offer your customers.
  • A stunning, classic, sophisticated, yet uncluttered brand logo that creates a great impression on your target audience.

Website and Sales Material Design

Your business website and/or sales collaterals such as business cards, brochures, flyers, etc., are probably going to be the first interaction you have with your target customers. It is crucial that you establish your brand identity right from the start to make a lasting impression.

For example, your target customers might first come across your social media ad that has a unique brand identity attached to it. Following this, they may land on your website homepage or come across your brochure. All these design elements create a perception of your brand in these prospects’ minds, eventually leading to sales.

At Ronkot, we’ll help you bring together your brand identity and design creatives to create consistency across every possible channel. Our branding experts and graphic designers will work together to create a website design and sales collateral that will look visually appealing, classy, and true to your brand image.

What You’ll Get:

  • Website design including featured images, color palettes, navigation, layout, icons, images, logo, typography – everything that comes together to represent your brand identity.
  • Email templates design.
  • Sales material design and printing – including business cards, brochures, direct mailers, leaflets, product packaging, etc.
  • Product packaging design.

Why should you trust Ronkot for your Brand identity and Design needs

Countless agencies are offering brand identity and graphic design services. So why Ronkot? It’s simple

Are a small agency with branding and graphic expertise across various industries.
Develop a brand identity and design specifically for your business goals, values, and target audience.
Are always quick to respond, generous with our time, and never aloof.
Have a client-centric process that ensures successful and timely results.

Our Happy Clients

Ronkot Design, LLC is an innovative marketing team that will help grow your company with their unique design implementations, forward thinking and knowledge in the digital world of marketing. Ronak Kothari, their Creative Director, was professional, highly attentive and always eager to please. If you want a fresh new look and quality results, I highly recommend the Ronkot Design team.

Heather O'Brien

Our website was 110% customized to our organization. I believe this is what makes Ronkot Designs so different and unique. There are many companies that can build a beautiful website, but it has to function for your business and your customers or you will end up on the Groundhog’s Day cycle like we have experienced. If you are looking to break the cycle, look no further than Ronkot Designs.

Amy Powell
Metroport Meals On Wheels

Ronkot Design can handle any of your graphics needs.  They put together our website, printed materials and business cards.  After meeting with their team,  I will not work with anyone else.  Good Job Guys!

Frankie Morris
Bone Solutions

It has been a pleasure to work with Ronak and his team.  They have exceeded our expectations every time, from delivering projects before promised to understanding the message we want to convey.  We will continue to use Ronkot Design for all of our marketing needs.

Colleen Robichaux

The US India Chamber of Commerce DFW highly recommends Ronkot Design.  We have been extremely satisfied with the services that they have provided to the Chamber for several of our events including poster, flyer and brochure designs. The RonKot Design team is able to understand the needs and requirements of every individual project and deliver it in a very timely manner.  We are expanding our use of their services.

US INDIA Chamber of Commerce

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