The Importance of Email Marketing and Automation

June 24, 2020

When talking about digital marketing, most businesses will invest in strategies like social media and search engine optimization. However, email marketing is still a viable method of reaching new customers, as well as capitalizing on your current customer base.

This article will illustrate the benefits of utilizing an email marketing strategy and how automation can make it work even harder for your brand.

By the Numbers – The Value of Email Marketing

When you look at the volume of emails sent and received every day, it can seem kind of overwhelming. In the U.S. alone, over 100 billion messages go into inboxes across the country. However, just because email is widely used, does that make it a valuable marketing platform? Here are some statistics that illustrate the power of email.

For every dollar you invest in email marketing, you can expect to earn roughly $42 back.

Around 90 percent of marketers use email to share content.

Up to 80 percent of small businesses say that email marketing helps them get new customers.

According to a 2017 study, welcome emails are opened 82 percent of the time.

Overall, while these numbers are encouraging, they are not a guarantee. To maximize the ROI of email marketing, you have to do it right. Fortunately, automation can help your campaigns succeed much more easily than you might think.

Automation and Email Marketing – A Perfect Match

One of the crucial strategies of all kinds of marketing is that you have to be consistent with your message. In most cases, a single ad won’t get someone to buy. However, by promoting your brand regularly, customers will think of it when the time comes to purchase your products or services.

This is where automation can really shine. Here are some top tips for automating your email marketing strategy.

  • Start Immediately – If someone signs up for your mailing list, you want to send a welcome message as soon as possible. This way, you establish a connection that can be nurtured over time.
  • Create Mailing Lists – These days, niche marketing is the most valuable. Rather than sending the same message to all of your followers, customize your content to speak to specific demographics. This tactic can be more labor-intensive, but the ROI will be that much higher.
  • Stagger Your Emails – While you need to maintain contact with your subscribers, you don’t want to flood their inboxes. Create targeted messages that speak to specific needs or events. For example, if you sell items that need to be refilled, a reminder message can be helpful.
  • Get Feedback – Most of the time, your subscribers will either delete or skim your emails. If you want to increase your open and read-through rate, ask them which content has the most value. Once you receive this feedback, be sure to update your lists accordingly.

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