12 Elements for Plumbing Website Design (With Examples) To Help You Generate More Leads

March 15, 2022
Plumbing Website Design to Generate More Leads

Gone are the days when plumbers only relied upon word-of-mouth, radio/newspaper ads, and other ways to get noticed and generate more leads. Today, the world has evolved around us and so have the users who need flexible ways to get things done quickly.

Keeping this into perspective, plumbing companies must need to adapt to this evolution by building a web presence where potential customers can find them.

As per a report, over 70% of local businesses in the US have an online presence in the form of a website. The rest of the businesses who do not have a website fail to make an impression on their potential customers — said the report.

As crucial as it is to have a website in today’s day and age, it’s also equally important your website has a professional-grade design. The best way to stand apart from the crowd is taking help from expert web design teams. Doing so will help your business in the following ways:

  • Your business will become easy to find on the web.
  • You can implement winning techniques to generate more leads.
  • You can showcase your USPs that customers can benefit from.
  • It’ll be effortless for prospects to reach out to you for business needs.

Of course, you can do many things to be visible to your customers. Let’s get deeper into design elements that can help you generate more leads & convert them into customers.

12 Important Elements for Plumbing Website Design to Generate More Leads

1. Responsive & User-Friendly Design

A responsive and user-friendly website design & development is crucial for offering an impeccable user experience. It’ll ensure visitors always get satisfied, are converted into leads, and ultimately, become your customers to get the same experience.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while designing a user-friendly plumbing website:

  • Ensure your website loads faster and doesn’t have too many distractions like pop-ups.
  • Keep it simple and easy to navigate to help users find what they need within a few clicks.
  • Responsive web design will ensure your website is easily accessible from various devices such as desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet.
  • Declutter your website copy and content to not make it overwhelming for users.
  • Pay attention to your font style and size for easy readability and navigation.

2. Enhance SEO-Friendliness

Search engine optimization is way better than any other digital channel to bring more traffic and generate more leads for your business. With the help of local SEO for plumbers, companies can easily see a rise in their lead generation.

Here’s how plumbing companies can implement SEO-friendly web design:

  • Research and optimize your websites with location-specific plumbing keywords to improve online visibility.
  • Revamp your site hierarchy model and refine the internal linking structure of your pages to let search engines know the most important pages that need to rank higher.
  • Design your pages with proper heading tags, URL structure, title tags, image Alt text, metadata, and other elements.
  • Optimize for site structure, reduce crawl budget, implement XML sitemap, create Robots.txt.

3. Captivating Headline & Subheading

If SEO-clad design helps bring traffic and responsive design keeps them on your page, then what pushes them to become your lead or customers is a compelling headline and subheadings. Here’s an example:

(Image Source)

Here’s what to keep in mind when creating a captivating headline and subheading.

  • Must grab the attention of users and convey what the rest of the copy has to say in just a few words.
  • Keep the headline short, crisp, and convincing within 10 or max 20 words.
  • Your subheading should supplement the claims you made in your headline.
  • Go a bit deeper in subheading to convey your headline in a more meaningful way that triggers users to take the next step and become your lead.

4. Short & Decluttered Actionable Copy

Contrary to what experts say, having too much information & content on your website can overwhelm your users. Moreover, it can distract users from your website. So, make sure that your website copy is written and designed in a way that supports your conversion goal.

Here are a few points to keep in mind:

  • A clear and concise copy that conveys what you want to say will entice visitors to take the next step.
  • The characteristics of the best copy are short, actionable, decluttered, and the one that evokes an emotional response.
  • Delve around the pain points users face and then offer your products/services as solutions to lead them to the next step of the funnel.
  • Your copy must fit into your website design and quickly sum up the benefits it offers by tailoring the message that resonates with your audience.

5. List Plumbing Services You Offer

Plumbing is like an umbrella, under which companies offer different kinds of plumbing services. If users can’t find the services they need, they’ll bounce off of your website right at the first second. Thus, it’s vital to design a dedicated section for services as seen below:

(Image Source)

Here’s how it can help generate more leads:

  • Make a list of all the plumbing services and emergency needs users are searching for online.
  • Dedicate a section on the website and explain each service in short for people to know what they can expect out of it.
  • Listing your services would ensure that it’s worth users’ time and your company is right for availing the plumbing services.
  • This will help them make an informed decision to take the next step in your lead generation funnel.

6. Improve Your Call-to-Action (CTAs)

Another winning website design element is CTA. Having generic CTAs such as ‘Sign Up’, ‘Learn More’, ‘Click Here’, etc. can put customers off immediately. They do offer the necessary push for visitors to take the next step.

Here’s how you can improve your CTAs for better lead generation results:

  • Be unique & creative while adding CTAs.
  • Personalizing CTAs by adding words like ‘You’, ‘Your’, or ‘My’ works like a charm.
  • Pay heeds to your CTA buttons and use enticing colors & fonts that grab users’ attention.
  • Keep your CTAs at the bottom of the content to allow visitors to learn more about it first and then take the action.
  • Add relevant icons in your CTAs for increased CTR and lead generation.

7. Make It Easy to Reach You For Locations Served

Your website’s design should support easy reachability for local customers. After reading your headline, subheading, and copy, users may feel inclined to get in touch with you. And not finding ways to call or reach out to you, customers are more likely to bounce off.

Here’s how to optimize your website design for users to easily reach out to you:

  • For easy reachability, you can add your contact number as a CTA.

(Image Source)

  • As you can see in the above image, it follows the guidelines as mentioned in the previous point as well as the current one.
  • Also, mention such details at the top of the page for users to easily find where to contact you.
  • Mention the locations you offer services in and the contact details for each location to avoid confusion.
  • Doing so will help you get the right leads for the right location and filter out unwanted leads.

8. Offer Live Chat Support

Addressing the concerns of all your customers at once is quite tough. Since we are living in a digital age, you can automate your customer support requirements with chatbots and live chat software. Here’s an example of the same:

(Image Source)

Offering 24X7 live chat support would help your customers get answers to queries they may have. Many of your customers may need answers to some of the important questions before they make a decision.

And including a live chat feature in your website design will ensure their concerns are dealt with immediately. This will help lead them to the next step of your lead generation funnel.

9. Add Original Visuals

Design a gallery of better visual elements such as videos and images of your plumbing services. Adding original and authentic visuals will strengthen your local SEO strategy and supplement the claims you made about your services.

Let’s see some of the ways to leverage the visuals to your advantage:

  • Take the help of a professional photographer or a team member who’s handy with taking pictures and videos.
  • Post detailed videos or DIY guides on how to resolve basic plumbing problems.
  • Dedicate a section or a whole page for image & video gallery for visitors to get a glimpse of your plumbing services.
  • Designing such a page/section will boost confidence in your audience to book your plumbing services.

10. Boost Leads with Lead Magnets

Another wonderful way to boost leads for your business is to utilize lead magnets to your advantage. Lead magnets are downloadable ebooks, PDFs, videos, or anything else that users may find valuable in return for signing up on your website.

Design your lead forms in such a way that whenever someone signs up, they’ll receive a free gift from you. It can be basic plumbing hacks or must-have tools at home for fixing plumbing needs.

Keep one thing in mind that your lead magnet must be relevant to your industry and offer value to your users. By offering useful resources in the form of lead magnets instead of showing unwanted popups, you can see a significant rise in the number of leads coming in your way.

11. Add Testimonials & Social Proof

Another design element to look after that heavily impacts lead generation is adding testimonials and social proof. They are the most trustable proof of services from industry leaders and customers who have used your services. Let’s see an example:

(Image Source)

As you can see, the website has a dedicated section for customer reviews from across platforms. Here’s how you can leverage this design element to add more leads to your bucket:

  • Keep social proof as high as possible on your website for users to notice first what others have to say about your plumbing services.
  • Follow up with your customers after you have offered them your services for feedback. 
  • Also, ask them to leave a review not only on your website but on social media, Google,  and other local directories.
  • Showcase accreditation, awards, or trust scores from local review sites or directories such as Trustpilot, Yelp, Trustatrader, Ratedpeople, and others.

12. Simplify Your Lead Generation Forms

Last but not the least, lead generation forms are a vital design element to pay heeds to. Keep the design of your lead generation form simple yet elegant. It should extract basic information necessary for you to contact visitors & customers to book an appointment. Here’s an example:

(Image Source)

Let’s have a glance at a few things to keep in mind to simplify your lead generation forms:

  • Keep it short for visitors to fill the form on the go.
  • The form should not take more than 30 sec to a minute to fill. Users may abandon it if it takes longer than that.
  • Ask for information like name, phone number, location, email address, and service requirements to offer them tailored services.
  • Quick and easy-to-fill forms are a sure way to boost leads for your plumbing business.

Plumbing Website Design from Ronkot

Not having a website even if your plumbing business serves only local residents may come across as unreliable. Designing a phenomenal website that stands true to your expectations and helps boost leads for your plumbing business may seem a bit daunting at first.

However, as more people are shifting to digital ways to find local services, plumbing companies need to adopt and adapt to these changing scenarios. It’s a must for them to leverage the power of websites to generate more leads and expand their business’s reach.

An expert team of web design and development like Ronkot can help you reap the benefits of building a website for your plumbing business. We offer to build pixel-perfect, high-performant, and maintainable websites with a strategic build approach. Get in touch with us to discuss your plumbing website design needs and get a complimentary hot cup of coffee.

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