10 Powerful Strategies To Generate More Plumbing Leads

June 15, 2022
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Do you still rely on old-school methods to generate leads for your plumbing business?

Understand this — today, sending flyers or advertising in the newspaper ain’t gonna cut it for you. People don’t store newspapers or flyers in hope that they might need them someday. Because now, they have something called Google which fulfills all their needs — including finding plumbers online.

Small and local businesses of today’s digital world survive on effective utilization of lead generation tactics. Getting more plumbing leads today is all about creating a strategic roadmap that makes sure your plumbing brand stands out from the rest.

But what does lead generation for plumbers look like? Let’s dive into it first before we delve into some impactful strategies for plumbing lead generation:

What is Plumbing Lead Generation?

Plumbing lead generation is a process to attract potential customers that are interested in your plumbing services. The process involves everything from users finding your plumbing company to their first interaction with you via any of the digital ways or call/email.

A lead is someone interested in your product or service offering. However, there are a multitude of aspects to consider when defining a quality lead. Also, there are a plethora of ways to generate plumbing leads since it’s at the heart to survive in this competitive world.

But the question is what are the most powerful ways to generate leads? And how to get more plumbing leads? Let’s find out:

10 Impactful and Best Ways to Get More Plumbing Leads

1. Master Local SEO Optimization

A study on Google CTR revealed Google local 3 pack collectively get around 50% CTR. Thus, mastering local SEO for plumbers becomes important to get higher CTR and leads for your Google plumbing pack.

Here are a few steps you can take to master local SEO optimization:

  • Create and optimize Google Business Profile to rank higher in the local pack.
  • Add the accurate Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) of your business.
  • List proper business hours, areas served, and other information to rank for relevant search terms.
  • Add relevant photos and products to showcase your various service offerings.
  • Get more reviews to your business listing and practice responding to all.
  • Localize your plumbing website by creating location-specific pages and optimizing them with location-specific keywords.

Here’s an example of a well-optimized GBP listing:

Mastering local SEO optimization does not end here. It’s an iterative process, meaning you’d have to be consistent with your effort to ensure your plumbing listing ranks at the top so you can enjoy unlimited local leads.

2. Turn Your Website for Plumbers Into Lead Machine

As mentioned, websites are an essential part of local SEO optimization. But they do have a bigger role in this grand scheme of things to generate more plumbing leads.

Your Google business listing may not always rank higher in Google 3 pack as there are multiple local SEO ranking factors to take care of. But your website can still rank in organic search rankings. Want to know how?

Let’s see how:

  • Take care of your plumbing website design to generate more leads.
  • It should be user-friendly, responsive, and mobile-optimized to get a higher position in organic rankings.
  • Optimize it with laser-focused SEO keywords to rank for relevant search terms.
  • Make it easy for users to contact you or find your address to visit your physical business location.
  • Highlight customer testimonials and reviews to let others know what your happy customers have to say.
  • Form a content marketing strategy to improve your brand recognition, reputation, and awareness.
  • Turn your website into a lead generation machine by using tempting CTAs and special offers.

Here’s an example of an SEO-optimized plumbing website:


3. Adopt Digital Marketing Channels

Digital marketing is an umbrella of different channels which when used effectively can generate more plumbing leads. Each channel is a separate platform that enables you to reach out to potential customers and offer them your services or products.

Let’s find out the best digital marketing channels to adopt for growing your plumbing business:

  • SEO: We have already talked about local SEO optimization and how important role it plays in plumbing lead generation. Also, SEO-optimized websites for plumbers are a goldmine to find new plumbing leads.
  • Social Media: More than half the population of the world today uses one or another social media platform. So, it makes sense to use social media marketing to connect with users and advance in your lead generation game.
  • Email Marketing: Email marketing comes in handy to capture new leads from sign-up forms and nurture them.

4. Incorporate Partner/Referral Program

A partner or referral program is essentially a word-of-mouth technique where your past clients can refer your plumbing company to their neighbors or relatives that live close by. It’s straightforward, effective, and doesn’t require much legwork from your end.

Further, incorporating a referral program can minimize the time and effort to generate quality leads. However, to turn your referral program into a success, you need to think of an appropriate incentive for customers so they can refer your plumbing services to others.

The only catch is that it can be a bit expensive and put a dent on your marketing budget. However, if utilized correctly, there’s nothing better than this strategy to generate n-numbers of plumbing leads for your business.

5. Utilize the Power of Content

Content creation is another best way to get plumbing leads at cost-effective rates. It’s one of the powerful ways to make users gravitate toward your plumbing brand for more insightful content that eventually leads them to become your customers.

Effective content marketing can aid in increasing your plumbing website’s ranking and also draw in potential customers. Most often, these customers first seek answers to their questions and utilize the power of the internet to get them.

Now think what if they land on your website and find all the answers to all the questions they have. Finding you a reliable source for information will make the path to convert them into leads and customers would become easy and straight.

6. Test Out Paid Ad Services

PPC paid ad services include search engine marketing (SEM), display ads, retargeting ads, and social media ads. Paid ads are great digital platforms to drive traffic and boost leads for your plumbing business instantly.

Google ads is a comprehensive tool to try out such types of PPC ads. Further, you can also test out paid ad services from social platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

The key thing to remember is to use the right phrases and search terms that trigger your ads to appear in relevant search results. Since PPC ads have a pay-per-click model, you can create a budget and control your marketing spends here to drive credible traffic and leads for your plumbing business.

7. Advertise in Local Neighborhoods

There may be several local neighborhoods where renovation of old houses or construction of new ones is in progress. So, it’s likely they may need plumbing services, which can be fulfilled by your company.

Such local neighborhoods are another goldmine for your plumbing business to generate leads. Apart from localizing your PPC search ads to reflect the local areas, you can advertise on local directories such as Yelp, Nextdoor, and many others.

Local directories are another great source of plumbing lead generation in local neighborhoods. But keep in mind to target the right neighborhood areas where construction or renovation work is an ongoing process so you get enough leads to start with.

8. Leverage Video Marketing

Video marketing has an unquestionable value to not only entertain users but also educate them. Short educational videos with tips and tricks are currently high in demand by users. So, going with the trend will be the wisest decision you’ll ever make to generate more plumbing leads.

Another advantage of videos is they appeal to users and are easily shareable. They act as an extension of your content marketing strategy and get you a great deal of exposure to boost traffic and leads on websites for plumbers.

9. Win More Leads with Positive Customer Reviews

Getting positive feedback should be a go-to strategy for generating more plumbing leads for your business. A local consumer survey found that around 77% of customers always or regularly check what your past clients have to say about you before they reach out to you.

Getting 5-star rated reviews is key to winning users’ trust in your plumbing business and showing the quality service you offer. However, it’s possible that you get some negative feedback and you must handle those negative reviews effectively to turn them into a positive experience.

The most important thing to be careful about is to ensure customers are happy with your service and the experience they had with you. Taking care of this would not only turn past customers into repeat customers but also attract a new set of leads and clients for your business.

10. Build Online Presence

Apart from Google Business Profile, there are a multitude of ways to build an online presence for your plumbing company. For starters, you can create a Facebook business page. Also, there’s Bing Places, Apple Maps, and others to get you started with building an online presence.

Besides, there are lead generation websites and directories where you can list your plumbing business. Doing so will ensure your business gets in front of the people who actively look for services you have to offer.

Websites, where you can list your business, include:

These and many such platforms will aid you in building an online presence for your plumbing business and generate quality leads.

Bonus: Take Help from Plumbing Marketing Expert

All these methods we discussed are powerful and can impact greatly on your lead generation practices. However, nothing can beat the expert in the field. Local business marketing experts like Ronkot have the necessary knowledge & rich experience to deliver exceptional outcomes.

Ronkot has a team of local business experts and SEO specialists that help small businesses like yours to get more leads and optimize the web presence. We are ready to roll up our sleeves and design a strategic plan according to your business goals and budget and help you get tons of new quality leads.

Final Words

Whether you are just starting off or running your plumbing business for decades, it’s vital to ensure the fresh flow of leads is coming in. A strong lead generation plan largely depends on the powerful strategies that make your plumbing business profitable.

As seen in this article, implementing such impactful lead generation strategies not only help you get more leads but also help increase conversions and revenue. You can invest your time and effort to build an ideal lead generation roadmap.

Or, as mentioned, you can leave it up on the local business marketing experts. Doing it yourself may feel a bit overwhelming as you have your business to run and work to take care of. So, it’s best to contact the marketing experts at Ronkot for all your digital marketing needs.

Get in touch with us to get a comprehensive plan to rank at the top of the local 3 pack and generate more plumbing leads for your business. See you till the next!

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