Elements of a “Winning” Website Design

March 31, 2020

Nothing communicates the vision and mission of your company more than your online presence. It serves as the storefront and open door for your company.

The design of your web presence serves as the first impression of who you are and what you offer. Consider these compelling factors for why good web design is important, and why you need it now.

Elements of a Winning Web Design

How can you develop a winning web presence? Follow these vital steps for bringing your business to the digital forefront:

  • Understand the mind of the customer. Research shows that up to 75 percent of potential customers judge a company on visuals alone. It takes a visitor 50 milliseconds to form this first impression of the website. You must keep your images current, inviting and real. Focus on what the customer sees. 
  • Streamline elements of design. The foundational aspects of design: color, font, and layout should be uniform within the pages of your website. Build trust with your design by selecting fonts and colors that communicate energy, power and authority. Carry this design effectively throughout all pages of your website.
  • Design the site to be user-friendly. Your design must easily direct your customers to what matters to them. They must never experience frustration or have to hunt for what they need. Create tabs and contact information that are apparent from the first glance. 
  • Limit choices to seven or less. Customers value their time and want to feel productive. Do everything you can to focus your clients and move them toward a decision. Remove clutter from the most critical selections so that they can see a clear path to a wise purchase.
  • Make it Mobile. Check out how your design translates to a mobile device. Give as much effort to developing your mobile app as you do the design for the desktop. Mobile access is quickly becoming the primary way that your customers will reach you.
  • Achieve Success through SEO. SEO basics must be in place. Use keywords purposefully throughout your site. Be careful that it is not so visually dense that it loads too slowly. Avoid complicated coding and large images that will hurt your SEO ratings.

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