Top Four Website Design Trends for 2020

September 24, 2020

Staying on top of the new website design trends is critical for your marketing strategy as you build and evolve your brand. Some trends have staying power that can adapt to a changing market while others disappear within a year. You have to know what works to develop a consistently effective brand.

The top web design trends in 2020 will largely be a continuation of popular themes from the last several years, with refreshing alterations and innovative applications. Functionality and accessibility are key concepts in web design for the new decade, but aesthetics continue to anchor the brand personality and user perception of your website.

Novel Use of Illustration

Illustrations are being used more often in web design for their branding and functional advantages, grabbing attention, communicating simplistically and creating a cohesiveness between pages. Web designers are expanding the use and direction of illustrations to supplement content and enhance engagement.

Abstract illustrations are becoming prevalent in an effort to more effectively engage audiences and stimulate curiosity as users take time to interpret the meaning. It is a delicate task for designers — illustrations need to be unique enough to elevate them above the norm but not so abstract that they lose meaning.

Designers are also doing more with the interaction of illustration and photography to enhance the visual experience. Simple bright illustrations mixed into photos can direct the eye and take control of color palettes while raising the design standard.

Black and White

The appeal of vintage is as strong as modernity in design circles, and the popularity of black and white benefits both styles. Minimalism has certainly been embraced for its crisp, clean elegance and does not appear to be falling out of favor any time soon.

3D Elements

The immersive quality of 3D spaces is moving beyond gaming and entertainment platforms. Web designers are increasingly integrating 3D to add layers of realism, retain the user’s attention and stimulate interaction with the content. Static and dynamic elements create impressive visuals that can still be balanced within popular minimalist styles.

Bold Fonts

Fonts are considered not only for their role in design but also for their ability to facilitate usability. Large, bold fonts improve readability and their visual dominance helps user comprehension by defining a hierarchy of elements and text.

As designers strip away superfluous elements to create a classy, modern look, large fonts are starting to occupy more space in 2020. Web design trends of contemporary minimalism paired with dominant, maxi typography create a powerful statement. For more information, contact us today 469.305.6538 |

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