An Ultimate Guide for Roofing Companies to Boost Local SEO & Leads

February 25, 2022
Local SEO for Roofing Companies

How can your roofing company rank higher on search engines while the competition is stiff?

Type in the ‘best roofing company/service’ on Google and you’ll see a massive list of results popping up. This makes you wonder, is there any possibility your roofing company could rank at the top?

Well, the answer is a bit complicated. If your roofing company offers customers value and portrays expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness, there’s a high possibility you may see your website dominate the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

And doing all that requires constant efforts for search engine optimization (SEO). Now, what does this SEO look like for your roofing company? How can it help get more clients? And how much is it going to cost you?

Let’s find out:

What is SEO for Roofers?

SEO for roofing companies refers to a process aimed at improving the authoritativeness of your roofing website and business profiles to rank higher on SERPs. It involves researching keywords, optimizing website content, following the local SEO checklist, building local citations/links, improving technical aspects, etc.

How Local SEO for Roofing Helps me Get More Clients?

Through local SEO, roofers can boost their organic Google rankings and increase their chances of attracting more visitors and generating new leads. Since more than half of the traffic comes only from SEO, implementing a local SEO strategy will help get you more clients.

What are the Local SEO Factors for Roofers?

Ranking high on local searches depends on the three primary factors: Relevance, Authority, and Proximity.

  • Relevance: It’s a measure of how relevant your website and services are to the user’s search query.
  • Authority: Search engines determine the authority of your roofing website based on the quality of your content, citations, and backlinks.
  • Proximity: Proximity is how close your business’s location is to the user’s search location.

How Much Does it Cost for Roofing SEO?

The cost of SEO for roofers to rank high may depend on several factors. Factors such as geographic location, SEO requirements, channels to use, and local competitiveness impact greatly on the cost.

Since it’s an iterative process, get in touch with a professional team of SEO services providers to get a better understanding.

Stepwise Process On Improving Local SEO for Roofing Companies

1. Select & Implement Location-Specific Keywords

Location-specific keywords are essential to rise at the top of the local roofing SEO search results. 

Here’s how to select & implement location-specific roofing keywords:

How to Select Location-Specific Roofing Keywords?

Use keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner or to find relevant and location-specific keywords. Other great keyword research tools include Google Trends, Ahrefs Keyword Generator, Answer the Public, etc.

While these tools allow you to dig out relevant & long-tail keywords, you must also brainstorm to get a basic list of keywords your users would use.

Here are some location-specific keyword examples:

  • Best roofing contractor in Houston
  • Roofing repair work near Downtown Austin
  • Roofers near me
  • Roofing company in San Antonio
How to Implement Keywords on Your Roofing Website?

Once you prepare a list of location-specific keywords, it’s time to optimize your roofing website & other business profiles. Ensure your primary keywords are included in your title, headings, URL, and content body appropriately and naturally.

It shouldn’t look forced or unnecessary as if keywords are being stuffed.

2. Build Local Web & Social Presence

Apart from the website, what else you can utilize for building a local web presence is Google Business Profile, and other third-party directories. Here is some important info on building a local web & social presence:

How to Build Local Web & Social Presence?

Roofing companies that operate in certain local areas have the option of creating and updating their Google Business Profile. These listings give users access to information such as Name, Address, Phone Number, Open Hours, Website, Customer Reviews, Social Profiles, etc.

GBP listings provide you with more opportunities to optimize and rank higher on Google SERP. 

Here’s an example of optimized GBP:

Other ways to create web & social presence are registering and creating business profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, Apple Map, and other relevant local directories.

Building a social presence is as vital as building a web presence. Even though they are not ranking signals for Google, the search engine giant considers social profiles while presenting local GBP listings. See the below image:

A few things to keep in mind are:

  • Ensure that your business information such as name, address, phone number, etc. are consistent across profiles.
  • Optimize your profiles with keywords and location of service.
  • Include a category of business to help search engines present your roofing services in relevant local SEO searches.
  • Audit your competitors and what aids them in ranking better, then perform a thorough local SEO audit of your web and social presence to get ahead of them.

3. Optimize Website Pages & Content

Quality content and website optimization are what helps Google determine what page of a website to rank on which search term. Here’s how you can optimize your roofing website for on-page SEO:

How to Optimize Website Pages & Content?

Before starting with the on-page website & content optimization, keep the list of location-specific keywords handy with you. Each page on your roofing website should focus on core search terms and other relevant or long-tail keywords.

Keep these pointers in mind when updating website pages & content:

  • Title Tags: Title Tags are normally populated in the source code of the meta tag. It appears on the Google SERPs and generally ranges around 55-60 characters in length. It’s one of the most impactful places to include primary keywords you want to rank for.
  • Meta Description: Meta description is what appears below the headline in Google SERP. It’s an HTML element that offers a brief overview of your roofing website page. Here’s how it looks:
  • Body Content: The content on your roofing pages is crucial for search engines to establish the relevancy of your page with the search term. Write a keyword-rich appropriate amount of content that doesn’t fall short of Google’s good graces.
  • Heading Tags: Assign an H1 tag to your main headline and use H2 to H6 headings for creating subheadings of their previous heading tag.
  • Improve Page Speed: Starting from 2018, Google considers page speed while ranking websites on result pages. Thus, improve your website’s speed by using PageSpeed Insights and other tools to boost SEO for roofing.
  • Image Alt Text: Images are vital to offer an impeccable user experience to your visitors. However, Google bots aren’t capable of identifying what’s on the image unless they have been defined with Alt text.
  • URL Structure: URLs on your website’s pages are another vital on-page optimization aspect. Keep them short yet keyword-rich. Here’s an example to best define it:
  • Internal Linking: Linking to other pages on your website is user-friendly as well as helps Google determine what pages are important and need to rank higher.

4. Get More Local Citations and Links

Roofers with local citations and link-building strategies have seen great success in optimizing for Local SEO for roofing. Let’s get to know how to implement that:

How to Get More Local Citations and Links?

Getting local citations and backlinks is all about how good your outreach skills are. You’d have to create a profile on third-party platforms and local directories to get citations. To get more backlinks, reach out to relevant and authoritative industry publishers or businesses.

Citations and Links are considered as votes of confidence by Google. Thus, the more citations and links from quality and authoritative local publishers you get, the more chances your roofing business has to appear at the top of the SERP.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • Citations are listings of your website on third-party businesses or local directories such as Yelp, BBB, Trustatrader, Ratedpeople, Foursquare, and others.
  • Keep in mind to only sign up for 10 or 20 authoritative citation websites.
  • Also, while building backlinks, you need to find relevant industry sites. You can research your competitors for the same.
  • Another way to get more links is by sharing link-worthy content or knowledge base that people would link to more often.

5. Keep Your Technical Roofing SEO In-Check

Technical SEO ensures your roofing website does not have any technical errors or issues that hinder your Google rankings. Here’s how to keep tabs on your technical roofing SEO:

How to Optimize Technical SEO for Your Roofing Website?

Technical SEO for roofers involves optimizing website structure, crawl- & index-ability, implementing sitemap, robots.txt, etc. Let’s see how to keep your technical SEO in check:

  • Check Site Architecture: Site structure or architecture defines how well-connected pages on your roofing website are. Keep things simple and accessible for human visitors first and then for crawl bots.
  • Implement Structured Data: Structured data such as schema markups are additional information that helps improve CTR, engagement, conversions, and other local SEO KPIs. They may not help improve rankings but provide rich snippets to users when they search for your products or services as seen below:
  • Implement Sitemap: Sitemaps ease the work of crawling for Google. It ensures Google has crawled and indexed all the pages and nothing is left behind.
  • Implement Robots.txt: Robots.txt files indicate search engines what pages they should crawl and what shouldn’t. Implementing the Robots.txt file speeds up the process of crawling and indexing.
  • Reduce Crawl Issues: Apart from sitemaps and Robots.txt, your website may have additional crawl issues such as ‘404 Page Not Found’. Remove such issues with 301 redirects to point those dead URLs to live ones.

6. Create More Link-Worthy Content Guides

Creating quality content guides is not only for getting links to improve your roofing SEO but also to generate more leads. As per Demand Metric Infographics, content marketing generates three times more leads than traditional marketing.

Incorporating content marketing into your local SEO strategy would help potential customers make informed decisions.

Content guides that offer how to use your roofing products or a step-by-step process involved in roofing installation or repair would help customers understand the intricacies involved.

Publishing regular blogs and content guides will open new doors for your roofing SEO. You can target keywords that were outside of your knowledge and you could rank well high for them.

7. Measure and Improve Local SEO for Your Roofing Company

Since optimizing for search engines is an iterative process as SEO professionals have to keep up with the new Google algorithm updates as and when they arrive. Thus, measuring the success of your roofing SEO strategy becomes highly challenging.

Here’s how you can measure & improve your local SEO:

How to Measure & Improve Local SEO for Your Roofing Company?
  • Define Goals: Begin by setting up goals of what you want to achieve with your roofing website optimization.
  • Define Metrics to Measure: Define the critical metrics to measure and stay away from vanity metrics or outdated SEO practices. Vanity metrics look impressive at first sight but don’t add much value to the outcomes you expect.
  • Track Performance: Keep track of your SEO performance by utilizing Google Analytics to find helpful insights. These insights would help you make informed decisions about where your SEO lags and where it needs improvement.

Final Thoughts

One thing small business owners must keep in mind is — SEO is a long-term game. Unlike paid ads, it doesn’t deliver immediate outcomes. However, when optimized correctly, the Return-on-Investment is way bigger and more positive than the PPC ads.

That said, roofing companies need to strike the right balance between best practices and constant optimization effort that helps them rank higher on Google.

Meanwhile, you can always go for the alternate route and ask a team of SEO professionals like Ronkot to help you out. Ronkot offers a dedicated team of expert SEOs with vast experience in optimizing websites for small businesses like yours. We specialize in implementing strategic SEO for your business to rank higher on search engines like Google. Let’s get some coffee & get in touch to discuss your SEO requirements.

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