Why It’s Important To Have A Google My Business Listing

April 27, 2020

Conventional businesses, especially small businesses, are feeling the wrath of the “new norm” that has presented itself over the last several weeks. As a result, businesses are now fully realizing the importance of having an online presence and the impact it has on revenue streams and income.

What Is A Google Business Listing

If you ever been to a new area and “Googled” local businesses near you, then you understand the importance of having an internet presence. Google has become the “go-to” search engine for nearly anything and everything. Google Business allows you to create a business listing on Google. This function ensures your business shares all the necessary information to provide consumers the level of detail needed to engage them with your business.

Why is it Valuable

Not only does a business need an online presence, but establishing a digital footprint allows consumers to know about your business, even if likely would not have otherwise. From ratings and reviews, to local hotspot engagements, having your business present within the online community is imperative to your success. Not only can you measure online activity to help you determine your return on investment, but you can more easily and more broadly create promos, offers, and pop-up opportunities with time and date parameters to audiences that have expressed interest in products and services like yours.

How to get Set Up

Getting set up for a Google My Business listing is easy. Simply sign into Google My Business. Log in using your Google business email address, or create a new one if you do not already have one. Type in your businesses name, address and contact information. Select if you want to appear in Google Maps and at which location within the map. Finally, select your business’s category type. Once you have gone through these simple steps, you can expect to see your business details within hours. It’s that simple.

Online stores have not replaced traditional brick and mortar stores. Digital technology has helped businesses increase their bottom line, streamline their return on investment and scale with a much larger reach than what would have been possible with local word of mouth marketing efforts.

For more information about why your business needs a Google My Business listing, contact us today.

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