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August 4, 2020

Since our inception, our team at Ronkot has been on a mission to help small businesses grow online. We have been able to offer our award-winning services to drive conversion and help realize your definition of business success.

Much of our ability to create compelling design and engage target markets effectively is founded on our data-driven approach to marketing. We are constantly learning and innovating to better support you in your marketing efforts. Staying on top of emerging trends and taking the initiative to engage in new marketing channels are how we fuel our success. In an effort to continue innovating, we are excited to offer new content generation solutions to build your online presence and broaden your relationships with customer bases.

Content marketing is becoming the new essential in the online marketing toolbox for small business. A look at some key stats shows how important—and how frustrating—it is becoming to marketers:

  • 91 percent of B2B and 86 percent of B2C marketers believe in content marketing as a key component of their marketing strategy
  • Blog posts are among the most shared content online, and blog creation is vital for 53 percent of marketers
  • 72 percent of marketers say content drives engagement and generates leads
  • 65 percent find it difficult to produce consistent, engaging content

There are a few reasons that content marketing is essential for today’s online marketer. One considerable benefit is that SEO goals become easier to achieve. Search engines give preference to fresh, relevant content. Blogs, infographics, e-books and other recurring content help expand your online presence to make you a more appealing solution to user queries.

The foremost advantage of content marketing, however, is that it is a cost-effective way to build on your value. Content marketing can build levels of trust and open dialogues with customers. Rich, informational content can elevate your status as a trusted resource and leading authority in your field. Social media marketing can engage your audience and make them an active participant in how you do business. Effective content develops channels of more qualitative feedback that can sharpen your marketing approach, improve your responsiveness and grow your business organically.

We believe in excellence and constant growth, for your business and ours. We are proud to present our new content marketing services alongside our proven design and development offerings. By creating a more comprehensive marketing package, we hope to continue expanding your brand, widening your reach and inspiring your customers. Contact us today for a consultation.

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Ronak Kothari

Founder & CEO