Creating customer loyalty and trust

July 28, 2020

There is an enduring concept in business that it is easier and less costly to keep current customers than to find new ones. Customer loyalty drives success and it is incumbent on businesses to prioritize building relationships founded on trust.

Earning a customer’s trust used to be simpler, as it entailed focusing on keeping promises about products or services. But, as commerce moves into online platforms and personal data is gathered, stored and shared, the use and security of information becomes a bigger consideration. The Pew Research Center published a recent study that yielded remarkably impactful findings about how important data use is to U.S. adults:

  • 79 percent said they are concerned about how companies use collected data.
  • 79 percent said they are not confident that companies would admit wrongdoing when they misuse data.
  • 69 percent said they are not confident that companies use personal information in ways users would be comfortable with.

Keeping your customer confident and retaining their business essentially boils down to their trust that you are using data specifically for their benefit. Here are two ways you can build customer loyalty through responsible approaches to their personal information.

Adopt Transparency as a Core Value

According to recent research, Americans greatly value transparency and will do business with companies that regard it highly. Displaying your company’s commitment to responsible, honest use of information as a core value is more critical than ever in building loyalty.

Focusing on integrity and transparency makes it easier to create consistent communications that are more impactful to customers than just a mission statement is. Your social media presence, email marketing and public relations practices can build on your identity. It is crucial to use channels that encourage customer feedback so they know their voices are valued. Be proactive and accountable in addressing concerns so customers know you are empathetic and trustworthy.

Use Personalized Communications to Enhance the Customer Experience

Using personal data responsibly can help you enhance the customer experience, which will save them time, money and effort. Referral and loyalty programs are helpful with retention and growing business via word of mouth, while providing a good excuse to communicate with customers more frequently.

Personalized attention to the individual goes a step further in building lasting relationships. Birthday cards, thank you follow-ups and other individualized messages connect with customers emotionally and move them to think more favorably about your company. You can also increase conversion by following up with exclusive deals and relevant offers. But, be mindful of how this makes the customer experience better. Avoid spamming customers with too many general emails that do not cater to them as individuals. When you approach personal information with genuine respect, establishing trust and loyalty becomes infinitely easier. Operating with integrity and engaging your customers in thoughtful communication for their benefit are the catalysts for customer retention. If you want to effectively use your communications to create quality relationships, we at Ronkot Design are sincerely committed to that end. Contact us today with any inquiries or to schedule an appointment.

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