How to Build a Website for a Beauty Salon With Website Design Example

June 30, 2022
Beauty Salon Website Design Tips

Did you know that over 84% of web designers believe crowded web design is the most common mistake small and medium businesses make?


Having an elegantly designed website for your salon website is crucial as it enables your clients to find and learn more about your brand. Also, websites are essential for local SEO optimization of your salon business.

If you don’t have a website or haven’t updated it in a while, you must plan to revamp it to match the current design trends. Do not treat it as just another aspect of your business you need to be done with. It’s one of the essential aspects that need thoughtful planning and careful execution.

But first, why is a website so important for your salon business? Let’s find out:

Reasons Why Your Salon Business Needs a Website?

Since the world is shifting towards digital literacy, designing a stunning website becomes paramount for building a powerful online presence. Your website design should make visitors feel at home and confident enough to book your services without any regret.

However, salon website design and development is often overlooked, but can actually achieve desired outcomes if done right. Let’s see some reasons why your salon business needs a website:

  • Flawless designs of your website can impress clients to take your salon services.
  • You can use it to collect the email addresses of visitors to send them promos and discount codes to turn them into customers.
  • Implement cookies to retarget visitors who have shown interest in your salon services.
  • Chatbots or Facebook Messenger integration with websites can resolve customer queries in real-time.
  • Strong visuals and color palettes can represent your salon’s brand identity.
  • Websites are a vital part of business and aid in salon GBP optimization to get more leads.
  • Your website can be used for showing positive client feedback you get from other mediums as well.
  • Websites can help improve your organic search ranking and boost conversions too.

How You Can Build an Impactful Salon Website to Attract New Clients

1. Use Striking Colors and Clean Typography

A Top Design Firms report found that nearly 40% of consumers believe the color scheme is the most visually appealing element on websites. Another report by GoodFirms found over 60% of web designers choose clean and expressive typography.


This makes it pretty clear how great the right colors and typography can impact your salon website visitors’ choices. Give proper heeds to selecting a striking color palette and font styling that draws customers in.

Here’s how you should approach this:

  • Choose powerful colors that spark emotions in users.
  • Primary colors should make up 60% of the usage, secondary colors 30%, and the rest 10% for tertiary colors.
  • For instance, if your design involves Red as primary, Blue as secondary, and Green as tertiary, they should be in the ratio of 60:30:10.
  • Clear typography can help convey a message easily.
  • Choose a maximum of two fonts that go along with your overall design and color choices.

2. Keep a Healthy Balance Between Text and Visuals

Intuitive visuals can speak a thousand words. Thus, it’s always a good practice to utilize imagery, graphics, and animations appropriately after a short descriptive text. This type of minimalist design helps you keep a healthy balance of text and visuals on your beauty salon website design.

Here’s how FOURTEENJAY does it:


Let’s see how you can practice minimalism on your hair salon website design:

  • Keep it visually simple yet aesthetically pleasing.
  • Keep a balanced alignment, symmetry, and contrast with images and text.
  • Use whitespace or negative space appropriately to make your site easy to read, navigate, and skim.
  • Choose an exquisite design template that helps keep the balance between text and visuals and meets your brand vision too.

3. Highlight Your Special Services to Attract New Clients

An easy way to get visitors’ attention to your salon website is to highlight your exclusive offerings and specials on the homepage banners. Provide as many details as possible about your salon’s special services to get higher engagement.

Let’s see an example from Bleach London:


Here are a few recommendations for you to follow:

  • Keep your exclusive offerings relevant to the occasion such as Valentine’s Day exclusives, Halloween Specials, or New Year Specials.
  • Include personalized calls to action to motivate users to take the next step.
  • Create a functional services menu on the website homepage along with a separate descriptive page explaining things.

4. Make it Super Easy for Clients to Book Salon Appointments

Once users decide on what services or special offerings they need, allow them a streamlined way to book those right from your website. Here, the CTAs come in handy. They are a powerful tool and a super-easy way for clients to book salon appointments.

This is how Butchers Salon has done it:


Here’s what you can do to make it super easy for clients to book appointments:

  • Personalize and make your CTAs sound clear to trigger action.
  • Integrate online booking and payment options.
  • Design appointment forms in a way to make it easy for users to book available salon slots.
  • Create customized discount offers and promote them via your website or emails.

5. Write Concise Copy and Content for High Success

Your website copy is an integral part of your salon business and it’s different from the content you create. While content is the way to communicate and inform users about various aspects of your salon niche or services, concisely written web copy can convert visitors into paying customers.

Let’s glance over this super concise copy with a clear message:


Here’s what you should keep in mind while writing your web copy and content for high success:

  • Use emotive language, metaphors, and other quirky tactics to write short yet descriptive salon website copy.
  • Stress more on the visual parts to explain the process or your salon services.
  • Create blogs, infographics, videos, and other forms of content that users find interesting and informative.
  • Come to the point without beating around the bush in your copy and content.

6. Use Personalized and Strong CTAs

If the importance of CTAs wasn’t emphasized enough in the above point, let me clear it for you again. HubSpot found that personalized and smart Call-to-Action converts around 202% better than basic CTAs.

As per HubSpot, there are three different types of CTAs,

  1. Basic CTA: This CTA does not change and remains the same for every visitor.
  2. Multivariate CTA: These are modified versions of two or more CTAs to test on users based on certain criteria.
  3. Smart CTA: These CTAs are tailored based on visitor attributes like location, language, and other important information.

Keep the following pointers in mind while writing CTAs:

  • Create an actionable copy to make your CTA seem as relevant as possible.
  • Prefer button CTAs over image CTAs.
  • Write different CTA for new visitors and potential leads.
  • Use multiple CTAs on your service pages.
  • Create text-based CTAs for blog posts.

7. Include Sections for Client Testimonials and Image Gallery

High-quality salon photos make your website look more professional and reliable in the eyes of visitors. Another way to boost reliability and trustworthiness is to include a section for client testimonials.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Avoid using stock photographs in your salon image gallery.
  • Include authentic images of your salon services with real people, preferably your clients.
  • Encourage your clients to leave a review of how great their experience with your salon was.


  • Handle and respond to all the reviews even respond to negative reviews aptly.
  • Dedicate a section on the homepage and other service pages for listing client testimonials and image gallery.

8. Keep Your Website Layout Optimized for High Impact

Selecting the optimized and exquisite layout that is a reflection of your salon brand tends to create a great first impression and attract the right amount of attention from clients. Users today want an easy-to-use website with clever navigation that presents important information right in the front.

Here are a few things that’ll help you select the optimized layout for your salon website:

  • Ensure the selected layout design guides readers to your call to action.
  • Arrange and present information in a useful and logical fashion.
  • Break your website for hair salons into sections to address specific topics at a time.
  • Prioritize functions such as opening hours, contact info, and others over flashy effects.
  • Select the responsive and mobile-optimized website layout.

9. Optimize for Mobile Devices

The layout and the whole web design for your hair salon must be adaptive to mobile and tablet devices. Thanks to the smartphone revolution, your website is more likely to be visited from mobile devices.

Thus, it makes sense to optimize your beauty salon website design for mobile devices. And here’s how you can do so:

  • Select the layouts and design templates that are optimized for mobile already.
  • Ask your designers and developers to keep your website design responsive for any device. Or you can hire an expert web design and development agency to handle it aptly.
  • Test the mobile version before moving to production or making your website live.

10. Integrate Your Social Handles for Users to Reach Out

Provide website visitors with more ways to connect with your salon brand over the internet. Plug in your social handles to keep fun going. Moreover, it’ll help keep your gallery alive and updated with constantly added new social pictures.

Here’s an example of Bleach London Salon:


Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Keep your social handles updated to reflect everything is in sync.
  • Plugging in social channels like Instagram is a way to keep in touch with your elusive website visitors.
  • They are often the best place to promote user-generated content with your branded hashtag.

Wrapping Up

We hope that this article will help you lead on the right path to creating a salon website that can increase the foot count for your physical hair salon location. Emphasize more on adopting minimalism, using striking colors, and bold typography to impact viewers aesthetically. Furthermore, write a copy and CTAs that trigger actions from visitors and help you find more business opportunities.

Not able to handle all of it alone? Leave it to the expert web design and development team at Ronkot. We have a proven track record of helping local brands and salon business owners by providing strategic plans to improve their local business visibility. Get in touch to consult our experts on the subject and claim your free cup of coffee too.

Still, have some doubts? Let’s clear them out of your way.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I create a beauty salon website?

Creating a website for your beauty salon involves taking care of complex processes and workflows. It requires the hands of experts to complete the task. Consult good web design and development experts like Ronkot to get started with your beauty salon website development.

2. What should be included in a salon website?

Your salon website must include all the above-mentioned elements such as striking colors, clean typography, types of services, salon specials menu, personalized CTAs, aesthetically pleasing visuals, client testimonials, and others.

3. How do you design a salon website layout?

Before getting on to the salon website layout design, find some successful salon businesses and take inspiration from their website. Finalizes the important elements that need to be included on your salon website. And lastly, hire a professional team such as Ronkot for designing and developing your hair salon website.

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