7 Proven Ways for Contractors to Improve their Quality Lead Generation Strategy

August 16, 2022

Lead generation and explosion in today’s online world is entirely dependent on the digital ways of marketing. It’s even more critical for homegrown businesses like your contractor brand to effectively market and generate leads.

According to HubSpot statistics, lead generation is the top priority of marketers and 61% of them believe it’s the #1 challenge.

It’s even harder for your contractor business since you don’t have any product to market. Moreover, unlike eCommerce and brick-mortar stores, you don’t have the luxury to build a loyal customer base. The only way is to keep a close eye and adopt trending marketing strategies for the lead explosion.

In this article, I’ll dive deep into the top 7 marketing methods to generate contractor leads for your business. So, without further ado, let’s begin:

Top 7 Proven Ways to Generate Contactor Leads for Your Business

1. Build & Optimize Your Website to Attract Quality Leads

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Lead generation for contractors starts with building an optimized website. Contractor business websites are an essential weapon to succeed in the 21st century. Sure, you may get a ton of referrals, but most of those referrals would want to check out your website and your construction work portfolio.

Apart from referrals, you can optimize your website to generate construction leads from the web and search engines. Your website holds paramount significance to getting quality traffic and leads from SEO and is a necessary tool for local SEO for contractors.

Through this proven marketing tactic, you can draw in potential clients that you can convert by optimizing calls-to-action, content, and other factors. You can also showcase your strength and vigor on your website to convince users further.

2. Optimize Your Local SEO Presence

Optimizing your local search engine presence is the best way to get construction leads. Most small to medium-scale contractor lead generation programs are bound by geographical range. That’s where local SEO optimization tactics help you get qualified leads and potential clients.

A team of SEO experts with adept skills can help your contractor company to enhance the local SEO presence. Still, here’s how you can do so:

  • Create and optimize your Google Business Profile. It’s a free tool from Google to add, claim, optimize, and rank on Google Maps & local searches.
  • Another way for local contractor lead generation is by creating a review strategy. Online reviews and testimonials are a lead gen machine. Encourage your customers to leave a review and respond to all reviews, even the negative ones.
  • Create a local content marketing strategy optimized with location-specific keywords.
  • Create business profiles on Yelp, Facebook, Yellowpages, Houzz, and others for increased discoverability.
  • Keep your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) consistent throughout the web.

3. Leverage Social Media Power

Social media marketing has enabled businesses with tremendous growth in terms of user engagement. It’s a great tool for construction companies to promote their contractor business in a visual manner. Social media also provides a seamless way to connect with your potential customers and nurture them further.

Here’s how you can leverage the power of social media for contractor leads generation:

  • Set realistic and measurable goals to achieve from social media
  • Build a social presence on platforms your target audience uses the most
  • Host live sessions, create-long form videos, post before/after photos, and use the trending hashtags to get noticed
  • Create a posting calendar to eliminate the struggle of coming up with social posting ideas
  • Use different content types such as short videos, memes, GIFs, comics, polls, and surveys
  • Tailor your social posting message according to each platform used
  • Connect with your followers and attend to any of their concerns

4. Level Up Your Content Creation

One strategy that works for every business and would work for your contractor lead generation too is content marketing. Valuable and premium information packed in the various content forms is something most users crave for.

Further, creating content helps build authority and credibility for your contractor business. Here’s how you can level up your content creation game:

  • Create how-to guides, tutorials, and other freebie content
  • Offer users content that answers their questions and provides them with necessary information
  • Start a blog or video content strategy with targeted keywords to rank higher
  • Answer relevant questions and pain points through blog content
  • Develop a content strategy for writing, scheduling, and publishing content

Creating such high-quality content will optimize your web presence and aid in your local SEO optimization as well. Moreover, it can pull qualified customers in and generate construction leads for your business.

5. Generate Leads with Lead Magnets

Lead generation for contractors is a complex process and requires building several lead magnets that draw customers to your brand. A lead magnet is an irresistible piece of quality information or content to entice and attract high-value clients.

Your prospects get access to such high-quality content in return for the contact information such as email or phone number where you can sell services. It’s a proven marketing method to generate contractor leads and impressive ROI.

Here are some ideas to prepare lead magnets:

  • Write detailed eBooks or white papers
  • Prepare a case study after completing a successful project
  • Create a video training series or course to provide useful information
  • Offer a free consultation
  • Create a cheat sheet of common construction jargon

6. Tailor Your Sales-Email Pitches

Now that you have access to a list of emails of potential clients, you want to get as much out of it as possible. Apart from lead magnets, your leads may also be interested in several other topics which are not covered in your website content or lead magnets.

This is where you can use emails to market your business as well as promote your content. Doing so helps you get more attention and build credibility for your contractor business.

Here’s what you can do to tailor your email sales pitches:

  • Decide frequency and subject before sending emails
  • Write personalized emails with catchy subject lines
  • Be genuine when pitching your sales copy to build a solid reputation as a reliable contractor
  • Set up an email sequence for new potential clients
  • You can go a step further and attach a link to your LinkedIn or other social media content
  • Be consistent with your efforts in providing real value through your email marketing

7. Use PPC & Ads Effectively

PPC and other forms of advertisement are also effective ways to get immediate results for your contractor lead generation strategy. Digital ad services improve the discoverability of your brand on search engines as well as on social platforms too.

They are the go-to solutions to bolster your construction company’s visibility and relevance as your ads are placed in front of people who actively search for them.

Here’s how you can use PPC & ads effectively:

  • Select the relevant keywords your target audience uses to search on Google as shown below:
  • Be specific when writing your PPC ad copy to target the right audience with the right message
  • Your PPC ad copy should be relevant and compel users to take action
  • Make your headline as attention-grabbing as possible for high CTR
  • Highlight your USP in your ad copy that helps you stand out from the competition
  • Include a compelling CTA to trigger action

Final Thoughts

So, here we have presented a modern approach to marketing your contractor business to generate as many leads as possible. There are many other methods and strategies out there, but the above-mentioned are proven ones and help you stand out.

These are battle-tested marketing tactics that solve the problem of how to get construction leads. We hope you’ve gained some insights from them and adopt some for optimized web presence. Marketing experts at Ronkot can help you in implementing a strategic local SEO & marketing plan that boosts your local contractor business’s visibility and discoverability.

Get in touch with us to consult our SEO experts and build a well-optimized local SEO plan to improve your lead generation.

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